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The institution of Telep was founded by Gergő Fábián, Sándor Kenyeres and Levente Trellay based on the idea of Gergő Fábián and Lili Szert, in a room temporarily obtained in the heart of Gozsdu udvar. A year later Telep moved to its present-day location at Madách square in the former building of Godot Gallery.
Since its foundation Telep operates as a gallery and provides catering as well. The vocational programme of the gallery is multifaceted, it reflects an experimental principle. It provides a place for the young, emerging generation; puts the focus on social- and underground thematics, but at the same time occasionally gives space to projects presenting popular or abstract artworks.
Telep Gallery doesn’t only function as an exhibition room, but also actively participates in the shaping of the artistic-intellectual life of Budapest along with the 7th district, primarily by offering a wide space for creative-experimental work.
Regarding its institutional structure Telep is a self-funding, non-profit, independent gallery.
Mission statement :
→  Introduction of the achievements of the art of the present / contemporary art
→  Mediating / catalyst site committed to social issues
→  The gallery operates as a place that is open to a wide audience
→  The gallery takes on an initiative role in the search for new collaborations